How do we prepare the next generation for the huge challenges ahead, so that it might better understand and participate in issues of environmental concern to them and their friends, families, communities, and the citizens of the World?

Expedition, adventure, storytelling: Our first expedition took 6 teenagers from 3 Continents, from Australia, Asia and Europe to Greenland to see Climate Change with their own eyes.

Now we are creating together a platform for learning, engagement, filmmaking and storytelling wherever you are. Develop your own dream of a better world – and talk about. We want to explore what is possible, what everybody can do.






Youth4planet is building a 360 degree grassroots program fuelled by the power of • social media • augmented reality • digital technology and mobile phones • educational engagement through film making and story telling. Welcome to the future: Welcome to youth4planet connecting youth globally.



Youth 4 Planet is embarking on a series of expeditions over the next 3 years and you could be chosen to represent your country.

In September 2015 a group of young people from Indonesia, Australia and Germany are going on a small expedition to explore the arctic and share their views, findings, hopes and worries about the climate live online – via social media channels and here! They will produce a trailer which will be screened at the COP 21 Paris Climate Change Conference in December.

Be part of it: Follow them online and express your views, ideas and worries – with pictures, films and words!

In 2016 a team of 12 teenagers will present youth4arctic, in 2017 youth4rainforest and in 2018 youth4oceans. Each expedition, adventure, and personal stories will form a TV series, drive a social media awareness program and provide the best environment to launch the Youth 5% Pledge App.

Finally in late 2015, our earthTeam will host a Youth4Planet conference in Singapore on the road to Paris in 2015. They will have a chance to voice their cares and concerns of teenagers globally sending clear messages to the leaders of country, business and community.
Teenagers representing Indonesia, Australia, Germany were chosen  to represent the YOUTH voice for their country. Express your voice and participate online or become a member of the next expedition for your country!

003The Competence Cloud

Imagine a huge space filled with knowledge, experience, footage, images, stories that everybody can access from anywhere in the world: this is the competence cloud. Hovering in the digital sphere it is collecting ideas and material from concrete Earth observation.

Everybody will be able contribute, anybody can use it: this cloud is building competences in terms of filmmaking and art, (crowd) science, taking responsibility, creating businesses, finding solutions for local or global challenges.

Currently dozens of projects are being developed in our pioneer schools and universities. So watch out for more soon!

shutterstock_193013642Armed with mobile phones and tablets the ”earthTeam” will film their own digital content and broadcast, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube daily on their expeditions. On return, a series of solution based projects will allow these young “earthTeam” members to bring real innovation and change to their country.